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Interesting things that I have discovered....

....during my tooling around

1) I'm 1/8 Swedish, rather than 1/4 as I'd originally been led to believe. Does this make me half as evil now?
2) I'm 1/8 German--which is interesting to know.

So that sorts out Grandpa's side of the family, at least. Grandma's side, I'm still not too sure about. Since nobody on that side of the family will speak to me, I don't know who (or where) I can get info from.

My Grandpop lied about his age (and his birthday was 8 August, 2 days before mine). That amuses me for some reason. I imagine that it amused Grandmom too.

I need to get a hold of my mom to get some background on her side of la famiglia.

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