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So.... I the only one who doesn't care that Team USA lost?

And I'm probably the only one who hopes Team Canada gets wtfpwnt by the Russkies, because I'm still irritated that they refused to put Eric Staal on the roster. "Taxi squad", please. He's better than all the centers that are on the roster except Thornton--better than Draper, better than Richards, better than Sakic--and yet he gets snubbed because he's not a Friend of Gretzky. Fuck 'em.

Heia Sverige (except agin the Czechs).

And how sad is it that I actually find myself not wanting to post my opinions about stuff in my livejournal anymore, because I know that everything I post that isn't a meme or work-related will carry with it a high probability of somebody getting all bent out of shape and bringing the drama?


Go Czechs

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