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Mass Effect fanfic: Longing

I can't post this on FFN, so I may as well post it here. Rating is MA for explicit adult content.

For those who aren't my LJ friends, all comments can be directed to me on the BSN (username acidqueen5426). :)



Rating: MA for heavy smut

Pairing: FemShep/Kaidan
Summary: Kaidan thinks he'll be spending the night alone....

This ficlet was inspired by this picture:

The FemShep in this story is my FemShep Vanguard, Madeleine (Maddy). My Shepard is mine, but Kaidan and the Normandy are all property of BioWare.

Kaidan sighs. He reaches over to touch the button on the sound system...and smells her as his nose mashes into her pillow.

The scent is intoxicating, and memories flood back to him. Their first night, her visits during his hospitalization after Mars, their reunion after the Udina Coup. He breathes in deeply, then rolls onto his back, alone with his thoughts.

Why, he thinks, does she have to be in the CIC right now?

She is all he can think of right now.

He slides his shirt up and gently runs his right hand down his chest, gliding over his skin and brushing the faint trail of hair running down his belly. He looks down and exhales slowly, the rush of air raising goosebumps on his skin. A faint bluish rush of biotic energy ripples over him, making his nerves tingle. His hand reaches its destination.

His erection is heavy in his hand, full. He starts to lightly stroke himself, fingers barely touching. "Madeleine..." He closes his eyes as he whispers her name, fighting the urge to go fast and get it over with. He wants to savour this, wants to pretend that she's here with him. He turns his head to the left, and gets a whiff of Thessian vanilla and cordite.

He wants her, but all he has right now is thoughts of her. He gently tweaks a nipple with his left hand while his right continues its work. He brushes his fingers over the shaft and head of his dick, wanting to speed up, yet forcing himself to take it slow.

The rush of blood in his head is all he hears, the music, soft "whoosh" of the door and the rustle of clothes hitting the floor drowned out by his body's response to his own soft ministrations.

There is a hand on his, and he lets go. Fingertips are replaced by lips, a tongue darting out to tickle the sensitive spot on the underside where head and shaft meet.

"Madeleine..." He whispers her name again, followed by a soft moan when a pair of hands gently cup his ass and a hot mouth slowly descends on him. He fights the urge to buck his hips up, gripping the sheets instead when he looks down and sees her head between his thighs, slowly bobbing up and down. The blue ripples over his skin are coming from her now, enhancing the feel of her tongue dancing and darting over him, teasing him closer to the edge.


It's the only sound she makes, a contented half-hum. She is driving him mad. He continues to tightly grip the sheets, keeping himself still as she lavishes attention on him. He looks up at the ceiling, then down at her again. She looks up at him, faint blue sparks flashing from her deep green eyes. She pulls back for a moment and smiles at him before running her tongue up the underside of his shaft. She lingers there, just below the head, in his "sweet spot". Her tongue flicks up and down over that spot for a moment, before she runs it over the head to catch a couple of drops of pre-cum.

He's so close now. He wants to beg her to make him come, but all he can do is let out another slow exhale. A stray lock of auburn hair falls down over her face, and he lets go of the sheets to move it back when she lets go of his ass and grabs his hands. She holds on tight as she closes her lips over the head of his dick and takes it in as far as she can, and he can't hold on anymore.


The orgasm hits like a tidal wave. He grips her hands firmly, his body shaking slightly as his dick starts to pulse and throb in her mouth. She buries her nose in his pubic hair, taking everything he can give. The smell of male muskiness and the taste of salty cum on her tongue sends her close to the edge. She grunts softly, not wanting to give up her prize just yet. She finally pulls back, softly kissing his dick and running her tongue over the head one last time. She crawls up toward his face and kneels over him for a moment, and he takes the opportunity to grab her ass and roll her onto her back.

He shoves his face into her pubes, inhaling deeply for a moment before darting a tongue in between her labia to tickle her clit. He reaches up and gently spreads her legs, licking at her hungrily. He loves her, wants to please her. He retracts the hood and makes her clit pop out, then lathers his tongue over it slowly, occasionally poking his way deep into her. He loves the way she tastes, the way she smells...


Her body starts shaking. She can't hold back any longer. The electricity of their mingled biotic fields tingles over her body, setting her alight. She tries to stay quiet, but his name escapes her lips, a desperate cry of longing.


He comes up to kiss her stomach and kneels over her, hard again. They look at each other, and he drives forward into her, hard. She gasps and thrusts her hips up to meet him as he drives into her again and again. Her hands run over his shoulders, up his neck and over his face into his thick dark hair. He wants to know her, wants to be a part of her.


He thrusts forward and comes again, eyes closed tight. He imagines that with each thrust, he's burying himself in her soul where he's always wanted to be, where he wants to remain forever. Hot tears fall on her face, his breath comes in softly heaving half-gasps as he collapses into her arms, still inside her.

"Kaidan..." She reaches up and brushes the tears from his eyes, then kisses him. "Shh, shh...don't cry," she whispers. "I'm here." She smiles up at him, and he buries himself in her embrace. He kisses her deeply, tasting her, tasting himself, and holds her close as they fall asleep.

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