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Oh, so he's "sorry" now.

Johnston County sheriff "apologizes" for generalizations about "Mexicans".

And if anyone thinks that apology is sincere, I've got a bridge, some swampland, and a nice copper-plated statue for sale. CHEAP!

When I was in fifth grade, I had a teacher (and a few classmates) who used to regularly sling racial slurs at me because it was assumed that since I was born in SoCal, tanned easily, and could (at the time) speak passable Spanish, I was Hispanic. Wetback, border-jumper, bean-eater, get the picture. Just because I'm not Hispanic (I only "look Mexican(sic)"), that didn't and doesn't make those terms any less offensive to me. My mother couldn't complain to anyone at the time, because in small-town North Dakota in the 80s there was nobody who would listen. The school board certainly wouldn't have paid any attention--they were content to simply go along with altering my school records so that my sister and I were marked as "Hispanic", so that they could get money from Joe Fed for having "minorities" in the district. When I finally left that town, it was (and still is) a great blessing to me to be quit of that place.

Even now, it still gets assumed that I'm Hispanic--again, because I tan easily (I'm quite brown right now, despite my rosacea) and I speak passable Spanish--and I have to hear that same shit all over again, combined with being told to go back to a country that I've never even visited, much less have roots in. So yeah, though I am against illegal immigration it still chaps my ass hardcore to hear people acting as if everyone of Hispanic origin is in the country illegally. It burns me to hear people calling for Hispanic children to have their citizenship taken away, just because one or both of their parents might have entered the country illegally. What did the kids do wrong, except be born? Would these same fuckheads be calling for their citizenship to be yanked if they were white and from, say, Ireland?

Human nature being what it is, I highly doubt it.

I can only imagine how it is for victims of human trafficking that were lured here with the lie that they were coming in and would receive a Green Card on arrival, only to be kept as slaves in sweatshops or brothels--and then, when freed by the police and given what amounts to refugee status (because they'll be in mortal danger if they get sent home), to hear ignorami calling for them to be deported as if they willfully crossed the border illegally. Again, if they were white and English-speaking, would the ignorami be raving?

And again, I doubt it.
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