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Let's just round up all them filthy mutts and put them down like the dogs they are!

(The subject line is heavy with sarcasm)

In a nutshell: Some loser decided that it would be funny to send out a chainletter saying that there were Muslim women in full hijab practicing for a 9/11-style attack on--get THIS--"the North Hills Movie Theater" (which doesn't exist--it's the Regal North Hills Stadium 14). It's been investigated and found to be completely bogus by the RPD, but of course there are still some morons (one of whom shall not be revealed to be named Judy Allen of the Country Club Hills subdivision just off Glenwood Avenue) who believe the letter and are STILL forwarding it around even though it's been proven false by the RPD and debunked on Snopes.

I quote:

Raleigh resident Judy Allen first heard about the e-mail Sunday night from a friend at a Super Bowl party. After her friend forwarded her the message, Allen said she forwarded it again to another dozen people, including a friend whom she knew was planning to take her daughter to see the Hannah Montana concert movie at North Hills.

"It rang true," said Allen, who passed the message along primarily to members of her Country Club Hills neighborhood's community watch program. "We just wanted to do our part to protect the community. It's important to keep your eyes open."

Yeah, because everyone who "looks Muslim" is immediately a turrist, you stupid fucking cow. I hope that you don't have kids, because it bugs the piss out of me to think that yet another bigoted moron is going to be polluting the genepool with her filth.
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