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The Roadtrip Diary, Day 5: Game Day

So yesterday was the big day: I'd get to go to a hockey game with my sister. The game didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped, but it was still fun to spend time with Shawna. We didn't get to the Can until right before puck-drop, which just floored me. "Don't you want to watch the warm-ups?" I asked. And Shawna was all like "Why? Those are so boring."

I got a lot to teach my sister about hockey, yo. Srsly. Soanyway, the game.

Compared to the RBC, the crowds at the Pepsi Center are D to the U to the L funkin' L. MAN, they are dead here! Of course, I'm used to a constant level of noise and insanity at the RBC. I tried to bring some Section 328 mojo by shouting "CHEATERS! NEVER! WIN!" whenever an Av went to the box, but of course it backfired on me. It amused Shawna, though.

Shawna went down to the Altitude Authentics store between periods 2 and 3 to get a baby-jersey for the Flea, and a blog-buddy of mine gave her an Avs puck after the game. So that was cool. I'll have to cash in my empties and buy a Canes baby-jersey to send to Flea, so he can have one to wear at home (Avs) and one to wear on the road (Canes). ;) The one thing I was hoping to be able to do this weekend (track down the Warchief and get him to sign a puck for the Flea), I couldn't do. I was tres bummed by that, but I guess you can't win 'em all. I'll still have three days after I get home from Denver to do something like that.

After the game, Shawna and I talked about the game--and we agreed that it was fun even if my team got pwnt. It was just so nice to be able to actually DO something with my sister, especially cos I got to tell her why I was laughing at Patrice Brisebois for coughing up JWill's second goal and why Budaj was in goal instead of Jose Hilton Theodore (translation: Breeze-by got regularly manhandled by the 'Canes when he was with the Habs, and Theohilton has pretty much been the Canes' bitch since 2002).

The fans were pretty cool. Had one bloke ask me a couple questions about the 'Canes (who we lost, etc.), and chatted about the Staal brothers with these three cats that were sitting in front of me. And the best part? NO FUCKING CHEERLEADERS. Shawna was astounded at how happy I was that the Avs have no freakin' cheerleaders like a bunch of other teams do. It was SO nice to see a hockey game without having to see a bunch of camel-toe queens running around.

Soanyway. After we got back to the house, and then this happened. I was LMAO right up until the combination of mead and Tramadol knocked me on my ass and I had to go to bed.

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