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Roadtrip Diary, Days 3 and 4: Why am I here?

So yesterday, I got dragged off to Shopping Hel. Shawna, Brett, and I all went out to get clothes. First stop was the Carhartt dealer out in BFE, so Brett could get some insulated pants and work boots (and spent the last of his clothing allowance from his employer). Then it was off to Wal-Mart, where Shawna insisted on buying me several new pairs of pants whether I liked it or not.

Those of you who have known me for a while know how much I despise shopping. It's depressing and a drudge, and I hate it more than I hate the Red Wings (and y'all know that's a lot of hate right there). So now I have four or five pairs of Wally World-issue sweatpants, since that's all that my fat ass will fit into. Yeah.

Then we went to Noodles & Company for lunch. I was frickin' starving. I've been totally starving myself this whole trip outside of whenever Shawna and Brett eat (or when Shawna tells me it's OK to have something to eat), because I don't want to hear about how I'm always eating blah blah blah. Yeah, that's my family. At least my mother isn't here, or I would definitely be hearing about it.

We got home around 6:00ish, and Brett and Shawna packed up Fletcher to take him to the babysitter's house so they could go to a holiday party. Shawna told me I could have one of these frozen red curry things that they have in the freezer downstairs, so I had one for dinner. Then I watched a holiday cake challenge on the Food Network, popped a couple Tramadol and a Flexeril, and went to bed. I had thought that Shawna and I would be heading up to a casino in the area for a few hours today, but.... around 8ish this morning, Brett's work called--a main broke and they needed people to come in and get it repaired ASAP. He wasn't on-call, so they shouldn't have called him, and he could have turned it down--but he didn't turn it down, so he went in. Shawna was upset, because she was looking forward to hitting the casino while Brett stayed home to take care of the Flea. I was looking forward to it too, but apparently not as much as Shawna was. I'd have probably lost my ass anyway, as shitty as my luck is.

(And yes, the grapes are good and sour.)

Here's where my frustration is setting in. I offered to help Shawna around the house, but she said no. I tried to help her with Flea, but she won't let me near him half the time. I offered to help her with the baking that she's going to be doing later, but her answer was so noncommittal that I'm taking it as a no.

Why the Hel am I here? I didn't come all this way just for a frickin' 'Canes game that I'll wind up watching by myself, because Shawna can't sit in the 300-level at the Can (so she'll be spending the entire game at the bar) and Flea isn't ready for big noisy crowds according to Shawna. If I wanted to watch my team lose by myself, I'd have stayed home. And I know that sometime soon, I'll start getting hailed on about sitting in my room all the time and not socializing--when I'm not being allowed to do anything to be social in the first place.

Just goes to show that I can't win for fuckin' losing.
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