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Roadtrip Diary, Day 3: Mmmm...abbagabbas

Got up in time to see the Flea off to his daycare this morning--he gave me such a big smile! I about melted right into the floor, it was so cute. Last night he was really cranky (and wicked hungry, too--he was eating almost the whole evening!), but this morning he was all happy-baby again. Shawna would let me take care of the bebbe, but she figures that since she paid for the daycare she might as well use it.

So I spent the day cleaning up the dishes from last night and trying to find other tidying-up type stuff to do around the house. I'm the house-brownie. :p Finally got hungry at about noonish, so I made myself a toasted ham-cheese-avocado sandwich, and oh it was of the good. Shawna thinks it's funny that I'm calling her to ask if I can raid something in the fridge, but Hel--I haven't been able to contribute anything, so I don't feel right just digging in without asking.

BTW, avocados (or abbagabbas as Shawna used to call them when she was little) are love. Seriously. Sliced, with a tiny bit of kosher salt on them....mmm!

Talked to Mike again last night. Or actually, I IMed him last night. I was on at like 4 this morning, and all of a sudden he IMs me all freaked out.

Mike: Hey
Me: Mornin
Mike: you need to look at the account and I mean right now

I couldn't log in, so Mike told me that two PayPal payments were made from our account to Seibel. I facepalmed and said:

me: Seibel is EasyPay. That's our power bill. Christ, don't you pay attention? I told you this the LAST time you freaked out over seeing that entry.

To make a long story short, Mike freaked because he doesn't seem to feel that it's important to remember that EasyPay processes all credit card-type payments for Progress Energy. *sigh* Can't live with him, can't shoot him. So that finally got settled down, and then Mike asked if Shawna has a PayPal account--because if she does, then he'll PayPal her money for me so that I'm not a freeloading oaf any longer.

I have tickets for Monday's game (thank you verysomuch sisterthemoon!), so Shawna and I will be hopefully taking the Flea to see the Warchief and company. *dances* I'm fully intending to head down to the Canes end of the ice with a sign--that would rock if I got on FSN. ;)


Even better would be a sign for Flea saying:


I'm so excited! I get to see the 'Canes on the road for the first time since 2001! *dances* More will be going on this weekend, I'm sure--so I'll save the longer posts for then.
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