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Roadtrip Diary, Day 2: Keeping up with Somnus

No, not the leet-level green dragon in the Swamp of Sorrows that loves to gank unsuspecting lowbies.

Anyway--last night after I made that post, the three of us went down to Applejack, which is like the liquor store to end all liquor stores. Redstone mead, $12.99/bottle! Whole Foods in Raleigh has it for $21!! It was all good and all fun and games, until we got to the register and the clerk carded all three of us.

Oh shit. Of ALL the people to leave her ID at home in her suitcase, it of course had to be me.

Shawna was like "Are you kidding? She's older than me!" But before the clerk could say anything, I jumped in with "No, no, she's just doing her job--it's my fault for being a dumbass and forgetting to bring my license with me. We'll just go somewhere else and I'll stay in the car." Then I apologized to the clerk for wasting her time, and we left.

So we wound up going to this little mom-and-pop jernt near the house, and Brett and Shawna got their hooch. I, of course, went without--though Shawna might take me to Boulder to tour Redstone this weekend, which will be cool. Soanyway. Our paychecks went in last night, and I paid the power bill to keep it from being shut off--I also asked Mike if he could send me some money, and he was like "Why?"

"Because I don't want to be a freeloader on my sister's good will? I can only clean her kitchen and help her take care of the bebbe so much, you know."

Oy vey.

Not a lot going on here today--Shawna and Brett are at work and the Flea is at daycare, so I am trying to be as unobtrusive as possible around the house (and I cleaned up their kitchen for them--hopefully I got everything put away in its proper place). I'm trying to stay awake, but it's hard--Tramadol + tot of Harvey's + sleep-dep catching up with me = teh sleepy!

And then there's the phone call I got from Mike this morning. Progress Energy said "Thank you for your payment, we're shutting your power off until you come up with another $200." Lovely. Just lovely. So now I'm sitting here like "great, and there's nothing I can do--what, you want me to come home now?" So he's going to ask around and see if there's somebody with a Progress Energy account that he can ask to "co-sign" our account so that we can get the power back on without paying the $200.


So that was the evening and the morning (and the afternoon) of the second day. I'm going to nap some before Shawna gets home.
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