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Roadtrip Diary, Day 1: The more things change....

Right after I posted my last message this morning, I grabbed my bags (which had everything packed that I needed, for once) and hauled ass out the door with Mike in tow. He hopped into his car, I hopped into mine, and we left for the Neutral Zone. We got there at about the same time, and then I had to sit and wait for about 10 minutes while Mike went inside to leave a note for Dena.

And then came the fun part--I had to lead him to Kenny's place so he could drop Oppenheimer off. OMG, the man drives so fucking slow. Kenny's is 5 minutes from the Neutral Zone, tops--it took us TWENTY MINUTES to get there, because I had to keep slowing down to wait for Mike. I was so mad when we got there, I about left him.

I got to the airport at 5:10 AM, and fortunately there was no line. So I checked my big bag, endured questioning from the AirGestapo about why I was going to Denver (because apparently a fat woman in a red and black peacoat wearing a 'Canes T-shirt and a backwards 'Canes hat just SCREAMS "ZOMG TURRIST"), and meandered to my gate.

Those of you who read the Roadtrip Diary from my trip to Denver may remember the fun I had with American Airlines treating me like shit because of my size. United, so far, has been the total opposite. I got on the plane and couldn't sit in the seat they assigned me because it was too narrow for my hips and the armrests didn't raise. So I had to ask the flight attendant if I could move to another seat, and she said "Yeah, there are plenty of seats in the back and the flight's not full. Go ahead and move, it's OK." And she brought me an extender too. It was very kind. The flight attendants on the flight from Chicago to Denver were just as nice--but damn, that walk was a pain in my ass (and my legs). I came in on Concourse D and had to walk all the way to Concourse B. Blah.

(Flea says hi by the way--and OMG, he is cuter in person than he is online!)

Soanyway. I got to fly on a 777 today, and man is it a nice nice plane. I spent the whole flight watching the Food Network, cos I am just all about Chef Duff blowing up a cake and those handsome Deen boys rollin' down the road in a convertible. :D That flight was full--but at least I could put armrests up, so it was all good.

When I got on the ground in Denver, I meandered down to baggage claim to get my big bag. Shawna came over and joined me after I'd been there like 10 minutes (she got there late), and we waited another half-hour or so for my bag to finally show up. Then we went out and packed it all into the Jeep, and headed out. One thing I've been looking forward to about this trip is the chance to eat some REAL food. I'm surprised my body hasn't given out on me yet, considering how much garbage I've eaten over the last year or so. So Shawna and I went to Whole Foods and got some stuff, then went to King Soopers (better known as Kroger to those of us east of the Rockies) and got some other stuff.


The trip to King Soopers got real fun when my back seized up on me and my hips felt like they were being torn apart. So Shawna made me to get one of the little motorized gimp-carts because she didn't want me to have to go back out to the Jeep and wait for her. Those things are fun--but the "horn"? Wimpy as hell--but funny when I have to back up. :D

When we got to the house, we offloaded my bags and the groceries, then went to a local Chinese/Vietnamese place for lunch. Saigon Bowl is of the good (and the cheap)--if you ever come to Denver I recommend it. After lunch, we came back to the house and I popped a Tramadol and went to take a nap. Woke up and finally got to meet the Flea, who is an adorable adorable baby--and a strong grip, too! I played with him for a little while, but then he decided he was hungry so Shawna went to feed him and I came down here to listen to the game.

And that is the morning and the evening of the first day.
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